Results of the Poland Business Run 2022



The 11th edition of the charity Poland Business Run took place on Sunday, 4 September, with 32,000 runners from over 1,500 companies signing up. Nine thousand runners took off in Kraków, while the rest took part in the virtual competition. In addition to the funds from the starting fees, an additional PLN 152,000 collected in the "Help More" campaign will go to those in need. Around 100 beneficiaries from all over Poland will receive prostheses, wheelchairs and rehabilitation.

Although a worthy cause was at the forefront of everyone's minds, there was plenty of fierce sporting competition.

Stationary Run results 

  • 1. G&G SPORT Grzegorz Sudoł composed of: Marcin Biskup, Patryk Marmon, Henryk Warzecha, Grzegorz Kostycz and Dawid Borkowski with a total time 00:59:42.
  • 2. #AdamCzerwińskiTeam composed of: Adam Czerwiński, Piotr Dronszczyk, Tomasz Ogorzały, Mikołaj Ciurla and Dominik Piwowarczyk with a total time 01:02:56.
  • 3. Grupa Kęty Team 1 from Grupa Kęty composed of: Paweł Jarzębowicz, Sebastian Sołtys, Sławomir Moskwa, Paweł Wójcik, Wiesław Wójcik with a total time 01:09:58.
  • 4. NOVOMATIC PRIME from NOVOMATIC Technologies Poland composed of: Jakub Osiadacz, Marcin Wielosik, Bartłomiej Hopek, Piotr Hajduk, Krzysztof Kopacki with a total time 01:10:10
  • 5. #ACT Running Instrybutors composed of: Michu Targosz, Patryk Mączyński, Jacek Cudek, Krzysztof Cygan, Mariusz Grabowski with a total time 01:12:35.

The next places are: 6. GO APTIV ONE from APTIV Services Poland, 7. Sabre Run Force One from Sabre Polska, 8. State Street 1 from State Street, 9. BorgWarner Running Team from Borg Warner, 10. IS. from Integrated Solutions.

The first women's relay team was Aniołki Czerwińskiego composed of Anna Luty-Legutko, Agnieszka Bydoń, Dorota Dudziak, Agnieszka Kukułka-Cudek, Edyta Grochot with a total time 01:22:20. The fastest runner of the Poland Business Run 2022 in Krakow was Adam Czerwiński, who covered 4 km in 11 minutes and 18 seconds.

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Results of the virtual competition

Below are the results of the virtual competition, in which runners self-recorded their time using an app:

  • 1. ENEA TEAM CHALLENGE composed of: Przemysław Nowak, Kamil Gmiński, Tomasz Rębiś, Przemysław Starzyński, Krzysztof Celuch with a total time: 01:12:44.
  • 2. Kancelaria Adwokacka Adwokat Jacek Jankowski composed of:: Jacek Jankowski, Marta Knach, Tomasz Knach, Igor Gębarowski, Krzysztof Winiarczyk with a total time: 01:14:12.
  • 3. ALDI+ Run Club composed of: Dominik Dreszer, Przemysław Różałowski, Dawid Łoniewski, Sławomir Michalski, Tomasz Gawlik with a total time 01:15:00.
  • 4. Krakowska Izba Adwokacka composed of: Dariusz Gradzi, Maciej Michalak, Piotr Mucha, Rafał Schramm, Piotr Ochwat with a total time: 01:15:07.
  • 5. Eurofins Non Elite Wolf Pack composed of: Jan Zborucki, Olaf Kacperski, Damian Szwabe, Arkadiusz Kardas, Krzysztof Barcikowski with a total time 01:15:24.

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You ran - You helped. Thank you!

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