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Tomasz Kubas

Poland Business Run 2024 Beneficiary
“27-year-old from Krakow. A year ago, he was involved in an accident involving a tram, as a result of which he lost his leg - his right lower limb was amputated (hip exarticulation). He now moves around in a wheelchair and on crutches. His greatest passions are dancing, football and classic cars. He loves going to classic car rallies and going to matches, among other things to feel that special atmosphere that happens around a stadium. Before the accident, he used to dance a lot, and he also learned ballroom dancing as a child. He cannot imagine never going out on the dance floor again, especially at his own wedding. A prosthesis would also make it easier for him to further his career, as he wanted to set off on a truck tour of Europe, but this involves loading and unloading goods. He is an active person and doesn't like to lie around, so the prosthesis would enable him to go for a walk, to the cinema or to a concert. Tomasz dreams of starting his own business doing car detailing, but for this he needs a prosthesis. Right now he can't do simple tasks such as washing cars, and there is also a risk of falling, losing his balance or having a limited range of movement when working. He would also like to travel by train again, as he is currently unable to board a long-distance train due to the high thresholds. Thanks to the rehabilitation funding from the Foundation, he will be able to return to most of his passions and enjoy life even more and, above all, return to the physical work he loves."

Katarzyna Skoczylińska

Poland Business Run 2024 Beneficiary
“A 42-year-old woman from a small town in the Lesser Poland voivodeship. Since 2011, she has been battling bone cancer - chondrosarcoma. Over the years, she has undergone eight operations, the last of which ended in the amputation of her left leg at thigh level. This ruled out her returning quickly to the job she loves so much. She worked as a nursery school teacher and this is what propelled her forward, giving her a sense of normality and fulfilment. She continues to fight to return to a level of fitness that will enable her to carry out her profession. Thanks to the tremendous support of family, friends, acquaintances and the local community, she was able to purchase a high-tech prosthesis. However, in order for her to be able to use it to its full potential and learn to walk efficiently and safely, systematic rehabilitation and adaptations to her changing physical conditions are necessary. This involves enormous costs, unaffordable for Katarzyna in her current situation. Funding for rehabilitation will enable her to learn to walk, replace some parts of her prosthesis and, ultimately, fulfil her dream of returning to work."

Jarosław Kowalski

Poland Business Run 2024 Beneficiary
“A 65-year-old man from Zawiercie. In July 2023, his right limb at thigh level was amputated due to ischaemia. Overnight, his professional plans and everyday life collapsed. Until the accident, he had been professionally active, working as a machine mechanic in a plant that produces aluminum bottle closures. After work, he played table tennis with friends as an amateur when time allowed. In addition, he is interested in sports and enjoys listening to good music. Thanks to his prosthesis and the great support of his family and loved ones, he is overcoming further barriers. His biggest dream is to return to driving. He will then be able to visit friends and acquaintances across the country, whom he has met through his involvement in various social movements related to addiction. He actively participates in rallies and team-building meetings. He also enjoys helping people with their difficult issues. Funding for a rehabilitation camp for learning to walk will help him to return to a smooth daily routine, walk without crutches and fulfil his dreams. As he admits, he would like to "go wild" a bit more in life. ;)"


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