Running for a Cause: HCLTech Five Stars



There are as many paths to success in running as there are runners. Poland Business Run adds meaning and purpose to all of them. "HCLTech Five Stars" is just one of the teams representing HCL in this year’s edition of the run but we know that all HCLites share how we feel about it. 

Georgij Makedonskyy:

To me, running is a source of personal growth and a gateway to unforgettable experiences. This year marks my third Business Run. It’s an event I look forward to each year. One of its most striking aspects is the overwhelming participation from various companies. It’s inspiring to see employees from different organisations come together, showcasing their dedication to a great cause. 

I am proud that HCL is one of the sponsors of the Business Run. It signifies the company's commitment to promoting employees’ well-being and community engagement. Running alongside my colleagues brings a sense of togetherness and strengthens our professional bond.

Vasylisa Badan:

I am more of a swimmer than a runner, but running is just as important to me because it makes me happy. I am new to HCL and to the Business Run as well. It’ll be my very first such experience. My main motivation for participation is the understanding of how much people with locomotor disabilities need society's help. Especially now that because of the current war, there will be many veterans, not only from Ukraine, requiring prostheses and other such equipment. Any big or small step toward promoting attention to their needs is a step worth taking.

Katerina Vasilyeva:

Meaning, impact and connection - this is the promise behind Poland Business Run, and it delivers on it 150%. Running is my way of finding personal balance. Knowing that by doing what I love the most I am also helping to make a difference truly fills me with joy.

Ezequiel Calvar:

I do not like running. I could run until the end of my energy during a football match, but just running feels like a chore. Why then am I taking part in the Business Run? We have a really nice team at work and I feel like this run is a great opportunity for more team building. It is a perfect way to bond with my colleagues outside of work, foster teamwork, create lasting memories and do a lot of communal good in the process. 

Gizem Merks:

My running journey began with the pandemic. I started running regularly to enjoy the breeze in my face and to feel alive. I had heard about the Business Run from my colleagues but when I tried it myself I instantly knew I would do it again. 

The Business Run means solidarity and it shows the unifying force of the charity events. It gives the chance to the companies to show their employees how much they care and contribute to common kindness. I am very proud of HCL for joining this initiative and giving me the opportunity to become a part of this strong unity.

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