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1. Poland Business Run Foundation is the main organizer of Poland Business Run. Foundation is headquartered in Krakow, at ul. Henryka Siemiradzkiego 17/2, 31-137 Krakow, entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register led by the District Court for Krakow - Śródmieście in Krakow, XI Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000617320, NIP 6762507232, REGON 364424465, represented by Agnieszka Pleti – President of the Board (“Organizer”)


1. Poland Business Run shall take place on September 8th, 2019 (Sunday).

2. Poland Business Run shall begin at 10.30 a.m.. Start of the Rue will be preceded by the captains’ briefing. The runners starting in the first change must be present at the start line at 10:15. The Organizer can refuse to admit a team that is not present at the start line at the required time.

3. Poland Business Run is a charity relay run taking place in 9 cities in Poland: Kraków, Katowice, Warszawa, Poznań, Wrocław, Łódź, Gdańsk, Lublin, Rzeszów.

4. Detailed information about the run in individual cities is available on the following websites:

  • Kraków: 
  • Katowice:
  • Warszawa:
  • Poznań:
  • Wrocław:
  • Łódź:
  • Gdańsk:
  • Lublin:
  • Rzeszów:

5. Each registered team must consist of 5 runners. Detailed routes of Poland Business Run in individual cities shall be made public to the runners no later than two weeks before the run. 

6. The Team has to cover 5 laps of the route. Each runner will cover one lap. The change of the runners will only be permitted in a designated change zone which will be located by the start/finish. It is not permitted for one runner to cover more than one lap.

7. In the change zone, only one runner per each team is allowed. The runners who have completed their lap should leave the change zone promptly in spot designated for this purpose.

8. The route of the Run will be closed to any vehicle or pedestrian traffic.

9. The runners should follow the instructions of the Organizer, security services and any other competent uniform services.

10. In case of an emergency vehicle showing up at the Run route, participants of the Run are obliged to terminate the Run and to allow passage of the vehicle.

11. It is strictly prohibited to bring to the venue drugs, illegal substances, substances increasing physical performance and any kind of alcoholic substances. Participants are not allowed to take such substances both before and during the Run under threat of being disqualified from it. If it is established that a participant infringes this prohibition, Organizer reserves the possibility not to allow the individual to take part in the Run or to disqualify this person in the course of the Run.

12. In order for a team to be classified, all its members have to complete the Run. 

13. Teams have time limit amounting to 3 hours. At 1:30 p.m. route of the Run will be open for traffic. Participants are obliged to leave the route of the Run in case of exceeding the time limit. Anyone who remains on the route after the time specified in the Regulations bears for their presence there their full responsibility adequately to the binding road traffic rules and Civil Code.

14. Run distance is 3,5-4,2 km (depending on city) for each runner. Specific routes will be announced later.


1. It will possible to take part in Poland Business Run for those individuals who will have registered their team before the number of the registered teams has reached the available limit number and who will have paid the registration fee by the date indicated on the invoice (meaning the day on which the payment shall appear on the adequate bank account records of the Poland Business Run Foundation).

2. Teams shall consist of 5 people aged 18 or above, of either sex.

3. Limit of teams available in individual cities amounts to:

  • Kraków: 1200 teams
  • Katowice: 700 teams
  • Warszawa: 800 teams
  • Poznań: 800 teams
  • Wrocław: 700 teams
  • Łódź: 600 teams
  • Gdańsk: 400 teams
  • Lublin: 120 teams
  • Rzeszów: 150 teams

4. The order of submission of the online application, i.e. completing form for adequate city on the Organizer's website, and payment of registration fee within payment term stated on the invoice, shall determine whether the team is allowed to participate in the Run or not.

5. Organizer reserves the right to save a number of places for invited runners and sponsors.

6. Organizers reserve the right to introduce additional pool of starting numbers and to run a waiting list.

7. Organizer does not provide any insurance policy against accidents for the benefit of the participants.  

8. Each runner is obliged to confirm in writing that they are aware of the fact that the Organizer does not take any responsibility for any damages resulting from accidents that may occur during the Run unrelated to the statutory responsibility of the Run Organizer. The Organizer shall be provided with original runner's statements by team captains on the day of collecting the runner's packs.

9. The runners are obliged to participate in the Run in the t-shirts provided by the Organizer. This is a condition for the teams to be allowed to run and later to be classified. It is not allowed to interfere in the t-shirt provided by the Organizer in any way. It is allowed to use additional elements distinguishing the teams on the remaining parts of runner's outfit provided these elements do not cover the t-shirt, in particular the starting number and logos of Poland Business Run sponsors.

10. Runners from the winning teams are obliged to receive their awards in the t-shirts provided by the Organizer. Should the winning runners not turn up in the t-shirts provided by the Organizer, the Organizer may refuse to hand in the award which means losing the right to the award.

11. Changing rooms and the storage will be located near the start/finish line. The storage will accept runners' clothing put in bags (provided by the Organizer) which will be marked with the runner's starting number. In order to collect their items, runners must present their starting number to the storage staff. Should a runner lose their starting number, the Organizer will no longer be responsible for returning the items to another person. Changing rooms and the clothing storage will be open at times given by the Organizers on the Run website.

12. Participation in captains' briefing is mandatory for the captains of all the teams participating in Poland Business Run. Team captains' briefing will be held on the day of the Run (at the time and place earlier set by the Organizer).

13. Participants agree to processing their personal data by the Organizer for the needs of the Organizer and to use of their images informative and promotional materials. 

14. For safety reasons it is not allowed to use a bicycle, roller blades, skateboards or any other vehicle, or move with a pram on the route of the Run without valid permission issued by the Main Organizer, i.e. Poland Business Run Foundation. It is also not allowed to use 'Nordic walking' sticks or to run with a dog.

15. For safety reasons runners waiting in the change zones are not allowed to use any audio devices (headphones, headsets etc.).


1. Teams shall be registered for Poland Business Run with the use of the registration form (“Registration Form”) available on the website: Registration starting date in the cities will be as follows: 

  • Kraków: 21/05/2019,
  • Katowice: 14/05/2019,
  • Warszawa: 7/05/2019,
  • Poznań: 28/05/2019,
  • Wrocław: 23/05/2019,
  • Łódź: 23/05/2019,
  • Gdańsk: 7/05/2019,
  • Lublin: 4/06/2019,
  • Rzeszów: 22/05.2019.

2. Registration is understood as completing the online Registration Form by a person (at the registration it is required to give: team name, company name (in case of company registration), invoice details and at least one runner).

3. Within 14 days from the registration starting fee must be paid and details of remaining runners completed (unless they were entered during registration). Otherwise the registration can be cancelled. At the express request of the applicant Organizer may extend the payment term.

4. The person registering their team can change the t-shirt sizes in the Registration Form. Potential changes to the t-shirt sizes can be introduced in the Registration Form by June 30, 2019. After this date the Organizer will not be able to guarantee availability of sizes other than those initially ordered.

5. Individual team members are obliged to sign their own declarations confirming the lack of health counter indications (“Runner's Statement”). The statement specimen is available on the Run website and is enclosed to the present Regulations as Attachment 1. Each runner is obliged to sign such declaration in an individual and legible manner and provide it to their captain. The team captain is obliged to return the original Runner's Statements to the Organizer in order to collect Runner’s Packages for their whole team. Organizer does not accept scans of this type of statements .

6. One runner can start only once, covering a single lap and only in one team.

7. The amount of the starting fee paid by the runners for participation in the Run amounts to

  • Kraków: PLN 375 net for the entire team (PLN 405 gross),
  • Katowice: PLN 375 net for the entire team (PLN 405 gross),
  • Warszawa: PLN 375 net for the entire team (PLN 405 gross),
  • Poznań: PLN 375 net for the entire team (PLN 405 gross),
  • Wrocław: PLN 350 net for the entire team (PLN 378 gross),
  • Łódź: PLN 350 net for the entire team (PLN 378 gross ),
  • Gdańsk: PLN 350 net for the entire team (PLN 378 gross),
  • Lublin: PLN 350 net for the entire team (PLN 378 gross),
  • Rzeszów: PLN 350 net for the entire team (PLN 378 gross).

From the amount of PLN 75 net of starting fee per each runner (Kraków, Katowice, Warszawa, Poznań) PLN 52 net is allocated to the support of the beneficiaries, and PLN 23 covers administrative costs of the Foundation related to organizing the Run and providing adequate support for the Run in individual cities. From the amount of PLN 70 net of starting fee per each runner (Wrocław) PLN 47 net is allocated to the support of the beneficiaries, and PLN 23 covers administrative costs of the Foundation related to organizing the Run and providing adequate support for the Run in individual cities. From the amount of PLN 70 net of starting fee per each runner (Łódź, Gdańsk, Lublin, Rzeszów) PLN 25 net is allocated to the support of the beneficiaries, and PLN 45 covers administrative costs of the Foundation related to organizing the Run and providing adequate support for the Run in individual cities.

8. Starting fee is payable by bank transfer to the bank account stated on invoice. Please put the pro forma invoice number in the transfer title.

9. The Organizer shall accept payments exclusively in the form of bank transfer.

10. The person registering their team agrees to have their VAT invoice issued electronically.

11. Invoices are generated and emailed automatically, based on the details given in the Registration Form, to the email address stated in the Form.

12. Once the registration fee has been paid, no refund will be made, nor will the payment be allocated to a different team. By paying the starting fee the team understands that the fee cannot be returned should the team not be able to participate in the run.

13. The registration fee includes a Runner’s Pack distributed to each team. The pack includes 5 items of:

  • individual starting number,
  • runner's t-shirt,
  • sack/bag for clothes,
  • safety pins to attach the starting number.

14. The Runner’s Packs for teams starting in Poland Business Run can be collected only by the team captains in the Run Office, on the condition the online registration form has been submitted and accepted, and upon producing the following documents:

  • Runner's Statements signed by each runner,
  • Team captain's ID

15. In case of doubts regarding team's payment of the starting fee, the Organizer has the right to ask the team captain to present the payment confirmation. Should the fee be paid by transfer later than 3 working days before collecting the starting pack, team captain should present payment confirmation when collecting the starting pack.

16. Team captain is obliged to ensure accuracy of details entered in the Registration Form and Runner's Statements presented at collection of starting packs. Due to technical difficulties related to later amendments of entered data and of Runner's Statements, Foundation is not responsible for clerical errors or other mistakes in the documents and forms completed by team captain.

17. The location of the Run Office as well as its opening hours will be provided in a separate communication on the Run website. Should a team fail to pick up the Runner's Packs the team will not be allowed to take part in the Run, refund of the registration fee not possible

18. The starting number is individual indication of each runner and can only be used by the corresponding registered participant of the Run. Transferring the numbers to third parties, including other run participants (including own team members) is forbidden and will result in the disqualification of the whole team.

19. Change of a team member is permitted by 5:00 p.m. September 1, 2019. In case of collecting starting pack prior to the date stated in the previous sentence, the final date for changing a team member is the moment of collecting the starting pack by the team captain. After this date, change of a runner is possible only upon consent expressed by the Organizer. The team captain makes the change with the use of their account on the run website adequately altering the data in the Registration Form.


1. All the participants who complete Poland Business Run will receive souvenir medals.

2. The character of the Run is charitable and recreational. The prizes for the winners in the following categories have been planned:

  • Run – for the team who achieves the best total time 
  • Charity – for the team who manages to collect the highest amount of donations for the charity as part of “Pomagam Bardziej”);

3. For the first, second and third place in the category “Run” and “Charity” in the general classification there are some symbolic prizes planned.

4. The time taken into consideration in the classification will be gross time.


1. All participants of Poland Business Run hall abide the hereby Regulations. By submitting the registration form participants confirm that they are aware of the Regulations, agree with and thereby accept to comply with the rules set forth herein.

2. During the Run, all the participants must wear the starting numbers provided by the Organizer and attached to the front of the starting t-shirt. Hiding the starting number partially (or entirely), or its modification are prohibited and may result in disqualification of a team.

3. Any infringement of the present Regulations by runners can result in disqualification of the entire team of a given runner breaching the Regulations. Disqualification can take place in the course of the run or after it.

4. Protests or doubts about the time measurement can be submitted in writing in the Run Information Office, on the Run's day no later than by 2:30 p.m. The complaint will be accepted for review and decision provided that a payment of 300 PLN is made as a deposit. In the case of a positive answer to such a complaint the deposit will be returned

5. Organizer reserves the right to amend the Regulation binding for the participants as of publishing the amended Regulations on the website. Only the Organizer is entitled with the right to the final and binding interpretation of the Regulations.

6. Organizers have the right to cancel or discontinue the Run without furnishing a reason for their decision.

7. Poland Business Run Foundation has the right to produce a binding interpretation of provisions of the present Regulations, to dispute resolutions and doubts arisen while executing the Regulations and to address questions concerning its content. .

8. All correspondence, requests and questions to the Organizer should be sent to: [email protected]

Kraków, May 30, 2019

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