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1. What is Poland Business Run?

Poland Business Run is a charity business run in a form of relay. It is a part of Poland Business Run – a nationwide event organized on the same day simultaneously in 9 cities in Poland.

Information about the local events are available on the following websites:

    • Kraków:

    • Katowice:

    • Warszawa:

    • Poznań:

    • Wrocław:

    • Łódź:

    • Gdańsk:

    • Lublin:

    • Rzeszów:

2. When is the Run?

The Run will be held on the second Sunday in September, i.e. September 8, 2019. Start is scheduled for 10.30 a.m.. For the first relay the runners should be at the start line no later than 10.15 a.m.

3. Where is the Run?

The route of the run, along with the plan of the run village will be announced later in a separate communication.

4. How long is the run distance?

The distance traveled by one player is about 3.8 km. This distance may vary slightly depending on the city.

5. When does the registration for Poland Business Run 2019 begin?

Poland Business Run 2019 registration opening dates vary depending on the city. Information about registration opening dates:

6. What is the limit for the number of teams this year?

This year Poland Business Run team limits amount to respectively:

    • Kraków: 1200 teams (6000 runners)

    • Katowice: 700 teams (3500 runners)

    • Warszawa: 800 teams (4000 runners)

    • Poznań: 800 teams (4000 runners)

    • Wrocław: 700 teams (3500 runners)

    • Łódź: 600 teams (3000 runners)

    • Gdańsk: 400 teams (2000 runners)

    • Lublin: 200 teams (1000 runners)

    • Rzeszów: 120 teams (600 runners)

7. Is the order in which the runners are registered also the order at the starting line? How can I change the runners' order?

Yes – runners start according to the order given while registering. Potential changes can be made from your administration panel.

8. Does the team captain have to run first?

No. Any team member can be the captain and consequently it does not have to be the person running as the first in the team. It is necessary to bear in mind, however, that it is the team captain who collects the starting packages and is responsible for bringing the baton on the day of the Run and for giving the baton to the first runner. Should the team captain not be able to collect the starting packages in person, they are obliged to sign adequate statement.

9. What details are necessary to register a team for the Run?

In order to register a team it is required to give company address together with its NIP number (or contact details in case of individual runners), short team description and runners' details (first name, name, sex, t-shirt size, correct email address [will be verified], year of birth).

10. Is it necessary to fill in all boxes in the registration form? Can some information be added later?

In order to register a team it is imperative to give company contact details with its NIP number as well as details of at least one runner from a team. There are 2 weeks to complete details of remaining runners. After this period, there will be a reminder sent to complete details, and in case of no further information about the other runners the team will be removed from the starting list.

11. Do I have to give runners' email addresses? The runners don't want to give their emails and the system refuses to register users without correct email address.

Yes. runners' email addresses are indispensable for the registration process. Once a team is registered runners will receive on their emails request to confirm their participation, to verify their details, together with a statement that each runner must sign.

12. How much is the starting fee?

    • Kraków: PLN 375 net per team (PLN 405 gross)

    • Katowice: PLN 375 net per team (PLN 405 gross)

    • Warszawa: PLN 375 net per team (PLN 405 gross)

    • Poznań: PLN 375 net per team (PLN 405 gross)

    • Wrocław: PLN 350 net per team (PLN 378 gross)

    • Łódź: PLN 350 net per team (PLN 378 gross)

    • Gdańsk: PLN 350 net per team (PLN 378 gross)

    • Lublin: PLN 350 net per team (PLN 378 gross)

    • Rzeszów: PLN 350 net per team (PLN 378 gross)

13. What is the payment term for the invoice? Is it possible to extend it?

Invoice payment term is 14 days. Should the invoice not be paid on time, a reminder is sent. However, if the payment is not settled after the reminder, the team is removed from the runners' list. In justified cases invoice payment term may be extended. More info at: [email protected]

14. Will there be a waiting list?

Yes. Once the registration pool is fully booked, newly registered teams will be automatically enrolled to the waiting list. It is up to the organizers to make additional pool available for teams from the waiting list and it will be announced in a separate communication.

15. What should I do if I got on the waiting list?

Wait until we inform you that a starting position has freed up and you can participate in the Run. For organizational reasons, as well as for safety purposes, we must strictly adhere to the permitted number of runners. If a team pays their registration fee, even though it has not been accepted for the Run, the registration fee will not be returned.

16. One of my team members has changed. What should I do?

You can change a runner on your own by September 1, 2019 via your administration panel. Please bear in mind that if the change is after June 30, 2019 organizers will not be able to guarantee t-shirt sizes other than originally stated. After September 1, 2019 changes in teams will only be possible in case of emergency, while collecting starting packages by team captain. It is required for the captain to provide then a signed statement of a new runner.

17. When and where can starting packages be collected?

Dates and locations for starting packages collection in individual cities will be announced in separate communication.

18. What is required to collect starting package?

It is only team captain who can collect starting packages in the run office. Captain collects them for the entire team (packages will not be given individually), presenting statements hand-signed by each runner (Attachment 1 to the Regulations), available on the Run website.

19. Team captain cannot pick up starting packages, can I do it instead?

Should team captain not be able to collect starting packages personally, someone with written authorization can do it instead. Authorization template can be downloaded from the Run website.

20. In my company I am the person responsible for all teams, can I then collect starting packages for all the teams from our company?

If there is more than one team from a given company taking part in the Run and the respective person would like to collect starting packages for all the teams, the individual must have authorizations from all team captains as well as statements signed by all runners.

21. Is it possible to change t-shirt size?

Yes. Changes can be made by June 30, 2019 single-handed via administration panel. Later, organizers are not able to guarantee that the required t-shirt sizes are available.

22. Is there a t-shirt clothing sizes available?

The exact dimensions of the shirts can be checked here:

23. Why do I need to give my date of birth during registration?

Year of birth is necessary to verify if the participant are of age and for statistics.

24. I am a team captain and I haven't received any invoice.

Person registering their team can download their invoice again after signing in to the administration panel.

25. I have registered several teams and would like to get a summary invoice.

Summary invoices will be issued for the companies which register at least 5 teams in a single city. In case of summary invoices please contact at: [email protected] Please give name of the run/city and pro forma invoices numbers which should be included in the summary invoice.

Summary invoices will be issued exclusively for a single city.

26. I've made a mistake when setting up my account. How can I correct my data? Can you issue pro forma invoice with corrected details?

You can change details on your own via the administration panel. Please give name of the run, team name and correct details in your email. Once the details are correct you can generate amended invoice.

27. Can you issue my pro forma invoice again?

Pro forma invoice is available for download after signing in to your administration panel.

28. Can a person underage run in a team?

Sadly, no. For safety reasons and pursuant to Regulations, only individuals of age are allowed to take part in the Run.

29. Can one person run in to different relays? Can one person run twice or more times?

One runner can start only in one team and can run only once.

30. Does a team taking part in Poland Business Run 2018 have to consist of 5 members?

Each team starting in Poland Business Run must consist of five people. All five runners must complete the run in order for the team to be classified.

31. Does a team have to be a company relay or can it be a group of friends?

A team does not have to be a company team. Fact is that Poland Business Run is addressed mostly to business sector, however we will be happy to welcome individual teams on the starting line.

32. Is there a limit when it comes to the number of teams per a single company?

No. There are no limits with respect to the number of team per a single company, nevertheless in the course of registration “first come, first served” rule is followed.

33. Can I run wearing a different t-shirt than the one provided by the organizer?

All runners are obliged to participate in the Run in the t-shirts provided by the organizer. It is imperative for a team to be classified.

34. A team member has changed and it is too late to change the t-shirt and the previous one doesn't fit. In this case, can the runner wear in their own t-shirt?

No. Each team member is obliged to wear the t-shirt provided by the organizers. Should a runner fail to wear this t-shirt entire team will be disqualified.

35. Can a team have their own special branding outfits/accessories of their own company?

Certainly. Company relay can have outfit elements with their own logo (caps, shorts, shoes). However, these elements cannot hide the starting number, t-shirt provided by organizers, or logos on the t-shirt. Appearance of the t-shirt cannot be modified in any way.

36. If someone had an account last year will they be able to register without setting up a new account?

Yes, it will be possible to log in to your existing account and register their team once registration is open.

37. What should I do if I want to withdraw from participating in Poland Business Run?

In order to withdraw from participation in the Run it is required to email the organizer at: [email protected] Organizer shall not refund received registration fees.

38. Does organizer provide the runners with insurance against personal injury?

No, in line with the Regulations, organizer does not provide participants with insurance against personal injury. Participants may purchase such insurance individually.

39. There is an unconfirmed participant in the system. What to do ?

If the participant's e-mail address is not confirmed in time, it will be confirmed in the race office when receiving the starter packets by the person issuing the starting packet on the basis of the submitted participant's declaration.

40. Where can I get additional info about the project?

If you have further questions please contact us at: [email protected]

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