Faustyna Kotłowska

Beneficiary of Poland Business Run 2020

A 19-year-old girl from the Pomorskie Voivodeship, who lost her leg in a traffic accident in 2016. For three years now, she has been training athletics in the Start Gorzów Wielkopolski club, at the same time attending a technical school of construction specialization. Efficient functioning is very much needed for her to realize her plans and passion, which is sport. Faustina is an athlete specializing in throwing competitions, silver and bronze medallist of the World Championships, bronze medallist of the European Championships. She performs in the F64 classification. She has had European and world records in athletic throwing (disc throw, bullet throw, javelin throw). Last year her sporting achievements allowed her to qualify for the Tokyo Paralympic Games. Due to the very high physical activity, the prostheses wear out much faster, so our goal is to subsidise a new limb that will help Faustina to achieve further sporting success.

Natalia Grzyb

Beneficiary of Poland Business Run 2020

A 15-year-old girl, who despite her young age and disability (tire and spinal hernia, lower limb paresis), since 2017 has been training para-badminton in a wheelchair in the WH category in the People's Pupils' Sports Club "Jedynka" Częstochowa/ABRM Poczesna. She is a talented athlete with many sports successes. Thanks to the Poland Business Run 2020 runners she will receive funding for a specialist sports wheelchair to take part in competitions of the highest rank. Her dream is to join the para-badminton national team.

Jerzy Łabęcki

Beneficiary of Poland Business Run 2020

Jerzy has been running a high-altitude company and has been photographing for years. The former high-performer alpinist has a lot of routes in the Alps, Dolomites, Caucasus, Karakoram and Himalayas. In February 2019, he had his left leg amputated at thigh level due to atherosclerosis. Thanks to the generosity of people he managed to buy a prosthesis, on which he is learning to walk. Additional support from the Poland Business Run Foundation allowed him to undergo intensive rehabilitation, which significantly contributed to improving his fitness. Jerzy hopes that he will be able to return to his beloved mountains.

Władysław Paś

Beneficiary of Poland Business Run 2020

Władysław is a 64-year-old resident of Krakow. In 2017 he underwent leg amputation at thigh level as a result of arteriosclerosis. Thanks to the support of the Poland Business Run Foundation, he received funding for rehabilitation and training in prosthetic walk. Thanks to this support, the senior resident of Krakow can feel safer and better moving with his new leg.

Waldemar Konieczny

Beneficiary of Poland Business Run 2020

Waldemar is a 30-year-old man, who after 15 years of fighting against venous insufficiency of lower limbs, first one leg was amputated, then the other. His passion is swimming, because he feels free in water. He is also passionate about fishing. He believes that as soon as he stands on both legs, he can also try other sports. Waldek's great dream is to run, and his plan for the near future is to buy a second leg prosthesis. This will allow him to regain his independence and, as a result, have a chance to return to work. To be able to carry out his plans, he needs to subsidize his leg prosthesis. The artificial limb together with a rehabilitation stay will be a comprehensive support for him.

Kacper Hała

Beneficiary of Poland Business Run 2020

Kacper is an active 20 year old from Wielkopolska, who lost his leg at thigh level as a result of an farming accident. In spite of this, he did not give up and found himself in sport, which is his passion. Currently he is in the Polish team of AMP Football, where he trains football for people after amputation. Additionally, he belongs to the local Amp Football team - Warta Poznań. Through intensive training, he aims to achieve the highest possible physical fitness. With the new prosthetic leg, he wants to take a try at other sports. His dream is to set up his own company, which will enable him to become professionally active and develop personally.

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