Register: 27.05-10.06
Poland Business Run 2020

You run - you help in a safe 2.0 formula!

The year 2020 is a special year and we had to change the form of the competition a bit. Yet, we can still help by running!
The charity relay starts on 6th September!

The health and safety of the participants are extremely important to us, so we have prepared a run in a new formula - Poland Business Run 2.0.

Start of registration: 27th May at 12:00
End of registration: 10th June at 23:59:59

This stays the same!

Date of the Run
6th September
Form of the relay
5-runner teams
4 km for each
A charitable cause
Together we can support further beneficiaries after amputation and with motor disability
Registration will take place
as usual
through our website
Entry fee
The requirement to pay for participation
within 14 days of registration
(cost PLN 375 net per team)

What’s new in formula 2.0?

Run without boundaries or barriers Bieg bez granic

For safety reasons we cannot gather on the starting lines in the biggest cities in Poland, but in the new 2.0 formula it’s not a problem! Each runner will select the required route (4 km) independently, in a location of their choice. It’s not necessary to run, as before, specifically in Krakow, Poznan or Warsaw, but in any town, in the countryside or in the mountains, in Poland or abroad! That way, this year you can invite branches of your company from different parts of the world to participate! Szczecin Business Run, Zakopane Business Run, or maybe Boston Business Run? Run wherever you want!

Registration date Data zapisów

Registration for all runners starts on 27th May and will take exactly 2 weeks, until 10th June. After this date you will no longer be able to register, because we have to prepare and safely dispatch your starter packs.

Starter packs Pakiety startowe

Before the date of the Run you will receive by safe delivery your starter pack, including a special multifunctional scarf, that can also be used as a mask, together with a starting number and a medal.

Day of the Run Dzień biegu

6th September each runner will cover the Poland Business Run distance alone or with their team members in a permitted group, according to the applicable regulations.

Poland Business Run App Aplikacja Poland Business Run

Once all athletes of a given team start and enter their results into our application, we will present them in the general classification.

Live streaming Live streaming

Throughout the day we will comment on the results and records, as well as connect with companies and beneficiaries in the live streaming.

Integration Integracja

If possible and safe - the corporate teams will meet and start in smaller groups, in a park or outside their office to run and integrate while observing safety regulations.

Don’t miss the registration! Registration step-by-step

  1. Visit and register (if you’re running for the first time) or log in to your account.
  2. 27th May, once the registration is opened, add your team (for a start enter email address of at least 1 relay member, you will have 2 weeks to add the remaining runners).
  3. Enter invoice details and settle the fee (the cost amounts to PLN 375 net / 405 gross per one team). Invoice will be automatically generated.
  4. We will let you know by e-mail about the possibility of downloading our special Poland Business Run application from the App Store or Google Play store. After installing it on your smartphone, you will log in using your e-mail address given during team registration.
  5. In the app you will find the most important information about the Run, as well as updates about training and safety rules. Keep checking it.
  6. A few days before the Run you will safely receive your starter pack.
  7. On the day of the run, complete your time in our application, follow the results of your teammates and company, as well as our live streaming.
  8. Congratulations! You ran and helped more people with motor disability!

The help relay keeps running - pass it on!

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